Aye Carumba, Spanish Airports are Getting Overcrowded

Spain is a fascinating mix of people, languages, culture and food. Spaniards have it all in their Iberian peninsula. In 2017, the country climbed from third to second place in  tourist arrivals and held on to 2nd position in receipts.

In the same year, air passengers counted almost double the population of Spain. Gorgeous beaches, rich history, amazing food and cheerful people make tourism the third contributor in the economic activity. The Madrid – Barcelona route used to be among the busiest in the world thanks to tourism but the arrival of high speed rail has greatly dented demand.

Figure 1 below displays the number of passengers since June 2016 in the four largest Spanish Airports. Adolfo Suarez airport in Madrid is still the largest with an average of 4.5 million visitors each month and the highest peak in the month of July.

Figure 1: The number of passengers flying each month in the four largest Spanish airports:

image (21)

In terms of passengers, in August 2017 El Prat airport of Barcelona matched Adolfo Suarez of Madrid.

Figure 2 below illustrates the number of planes each month leaving and arriving the top four Spanish airports. In the plane classification, Madrid has the lead, followed from Barcelona El Prat.

Figure 2: Number of planes leaving or arriving  each month in four largest Spanish airports:image (22)

Nothing uncommon: When compared to February 2017 the number of planes increased by 80% in August 2017 and the number of passengers increased by 110%. If you are afraid of big crowds, going to the big cities in Spain during summer might not be the best idea.

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