Erdinger and Heineken are big winners in rise of no-alcohol beer

As we’ve seen in recent years, low- or no-alcohol beverages are on the rise as people adopt healthier lifestyles. It’s reported that Germany could be the largest market in Europe for zero-alcohol beer. But even a smaller market like the Netherlands is becoming a breakout star in terms of merchant and sales growth. 

The number of Dutch bars that are stocking non-alcoholic beer are on the rise, and so are sales per merchant – which are growing nearly twice as fast as regular beer. This means establishments that offer no-alcohol beer will see increased sales as more people choose to abstain from drinking.

Meanwhile, sales per merchant for soft drinks – historically one of the main alternatives for alcoholic beverages before zero-alcohol beer came along – have been sluggish, growing a half percent year-on-year in both markets. 

In Germany, the top brands for non-alcoholic beer are all from privately owned breweries – with Erdinger being the most popular choice, followed by Maisel and Krombacher. This could be credited to Erdinger’s long-time efforts to market its alcohol-free beer as an “isotonic sports drink”, even supplying it to national athletes during the Olympics.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, Heineken’s 0.0 beer is the market leader while another brand in the Heineken portfolio, Amstel, takes second place. Asahi’s Grolsch comes in third in terms of sales volume.

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