The Recovery is Real: 50% Jump in Open Merchants in Germany

The F&B industry has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Immediately after lockdown measures were announced, our CPG data* showed only around a third of restaurants in our panel remained open in Germany and the Netherlands.

Clearly, many restaurants needed some time to adapt their business and pivot to delivery and takeout. While there was incremental growth in open merchants in the weeks following the shutdown, growth has been slow and gradual. Since the lockdown, nearly half of restaurants in Germany are now back in business, while 20% more restaurants in the Netherlands have reopened since the lockdown came into effect.

However, it appears that German F&B is seeing a healthier recovery in sales per merchant. While there was a sharp decline in sales leading up to more stringent social distancing measures, it made a significant gain the following week. While German restaurants are still making considerably lower revenue with the loss of dine-in sales, the value of restaurants receipts in the week of 20 April was over 75% of receipt value in a “regular” week prior to the lockdown. 

Meanwhile, Dutch F&B merchants have been less fortunate, seeing no sharp bounce-back after bottoming out. Even in mid-April, when it was being reported that food order volumes in many virus-stricken countries were on the rise again as cooking fatigue set in, sales growth in the Netherlands remained minimal and sluggish. Restaurants were just barely raking in half of the sales they used to. 

While more restaurants are reopening and sales are slowly picking up again, it will be critical to keep an eye on these figures once F&B businesses in both countries are allowed to accept dine-in customers once again.

About our data:
Suburbia partners with companies in the payments and retail industries to create data sets that track anonymized consumer purchases across Europe, delivering a daily view into some of the world’s biggest consumer brands. For insights on consumer packaged goods (CPG) trends, Suburbia’s data set covers sales in over 14,000 on-trade channels across six countries in Europe.

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