Ice Cream Sales Cool Off…But Not As Much As Other Types of Food

How has COVID-19 impacted the Netherlands’ US$402 million ice cream industry? 

According to our CPG data*, the lockdown has melted out-of-home demand by over -30%, compared to the same period last year. Merchants were unfortunately not able to reap the gains from the sunniest April on record.

Unilever’s ice cream business, the world’s largest in annual sales, sees half its sales made outside of grocery stores in places like beaches and parks. In fact, the company has been ramping up partnerships with food delivery services to allow consumers to order ice cream along with their takeout.

However, compared to other food categories, ice cream is still holding up relatively well. There has been an even greater decline in revenue for out-of-home consumption of drinks, prepared meals, snacks and candy.

The only question is whether demand for ice cream will be revived in the critical summer months ahead, especially as F&B outlets will be allowed to reopen again. 

*About our data:
Suburbia partners with companies in the payments and retail industries to create data sets that track anonymized consumer purchases across Europe, delivering a daily view into some of the world’s biggest consumer brands. For insights on consumer packaged goods (CPG) trends, Suburbia’s data set covers sales in over 14,000 on-trade channels across six countries in Europe.

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